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Depressive suicidal black metal (DSBM) has become a burgeoning style of music over the last couple of decades. Many bands have been experimenting with their own flavours of the style, often combining the Norwegian style of black metal with the sorrowful elements of doom metal. The music differs more gradually in comparison to Dark Metal, in that the gloom drenched atmosphere and overall misanthropy shows way, WAY more through the vocals and instruments alone. and then there's also moments where it seems dreamy, almost as if everything abruptly changed into something more peaceful. However, in these beautifully crafted moments, the insanity and sorrow still lingers somewhere in the atmosphere. The clean guitars greatly accompany the atmosphere, and they really know how to create some incredibly funeral dirge inspired riffs.

Fucking tremolo picking riffs constantly compete with elongated and viscous riffs, with melancholic guitar fingerpickings too, so in fact, Bethlehem perform black / doom metal. Not depressive black metal at all. Not only because there was no depressive black metal as such in those days, but precisely with regard to musical structure: black metal sounds only occasionally here. Nevertheless, it should be noted that when doom metal, or rather dark metal, as they say, dominates the album, the vocals confidently recalibrate the material into the black metal channel. It's hard to imagine doom metal with such vocals. Black metal is much better. groans, shrieks, growls, gurgles, howls, switches to the evil harsh vocals. With his uncontrollable maniacality, he unconsciously creates what will later be called depressive black metal.